Top Five Aspects To Consider When Picking An Assisted Living Community

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An assisted living community provides a safe living environment for older people where they can enjoy various forms of fitness and entertainment activities while they socialize with their peers. Living in an assisted community enables them to enjoy the freedom of being independent and receive assistance whenever they need it, along with security, emergency assistance, and a doctor on call.

However, picking an assisted living community isn’t the easiest of tasks as a lot of research goes into finding one that suits you or a loved one. To help narrow down your search, here is a list of the top five aspects to consider when picking an assisted living community.

1. How happy will you or your loved one be?

When you are looking at options for assisted living communities, it might be a good idea to have a trial stay to see how happy you will be in your new surroundings. Talk to the residents about how issues are taken care of, how well the upkeep of the place is, and how experienced the staff is. Look around and observe how happy the general atmosphere is, after all, happiness is the key to good health. You can also ask what activities they offer and if you can enjoy the hobbies you love.

2. What are the staff like?

Adjustments can be daunting especially for someone who is older and set in their ways, so a good thing to look out for is how the staff helps the residents through this time of acclimatization.

Questions you should have answers to are does the staff interact with the residents? Do they seem to know the residents by name? Do they have that personal touch? Is the care personalized? For example, are the residents asked when they would like to shower?

3. How good is care and what do they provide?

Quality of care at facilities are of great importance and are one of the crucial factors to take into consideration when picking a care community.

In the unfortunate event of your loved one’s health declining, will they have to relocate to another community? It’s important to know that not all assisted livings are the same as far as the medical care that they are allowed to provide, as some have a higher licensure. Be sure to ask - due to health reasons, will my loved one have to relocate at some point?

4. Communication between doctor and assisted living communities.

Ask family members that have had or have their loved ones in that particular assisted living about their experiences. Ask your family member’s doctor what he or she thinks of the assisted living that you are considering. Questions you must ask include - Is there good communication between the assisted living and a doctor? Is there a registered nurse or a designated health care professional that communicates with the doctors? Answers to these questions will help you make a more informed decision.

5. Who are the community owners?

Another aspect to consider is whether the assisted living community is a part of a chain or if it is locally owned. If it is a part of a chain, then there may be chances that the staff and management could change and adjustments most likely will have to be made. If it locally owned, then the probability of a change in management and staff is not too high. You might want to look into a locally owned assisted living community for mental and emotional stability for you or your loved one after all continuity of care is quality of care!

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