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  • home care Savannah GA

    Thank you for taking care of my {name ommitted} TV last night. When we went to Dr Bradley a while back he told her she looked better than she has in several years. She was very pleased. This is a compliment to {---} but also to the wonderful care you all provide.

    {---} told Doctor Bradley she was at Buckingham South. He replied Buckingham "Palace".

    Thank you for your care.

  • home care Savannah GA

    I am so pleased with Anne’s progress. You picked her up on Monday and like a “Person Whisperer”, magically took my wife of almost fifty years, who has pretty much stayed in her room for 24 hours a day and never smiling and transformed her into a person like she has always been - a people person who engages with people, makes friends easily, and loves helping people. It’s what gives her joy for which I will always be grateful. It’s like she’s been brought back to life. Seeing her being happy and productive is truly remarkable.

    My children are so pleased, especially my daughter, Rebecca. “Omg. I love it. Always a helper…laughing…”.
    Thanks ever so much for everything, Sabrina.

  • home care Savannah GA

    I really can’t say enough to praise Sabrina Rabhan. She clearly loves her work and the residents. She is kind, thoughtful, compassionate, extremely patient., funny, and persistent. If she finds an obstacle, she looks for a creative way to overcome it. Buckingham and its residents are most fortunate to have her on the team!

    Dorothea Coy
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    Buckingham South is a home for senior residents,
    Under the faithful and loving care of the Slatus family management,
    Caregiving folks give us so much love,
    Kindness they get from Heaven above,
    In times ofneed just give us a call,
    Nurses come running from down the hall,
    Gently helping you and all,
    Here is what our caregivers say,
    All for you every day,
    May the lord guide our way,

    South of Savannah Buckingham South is a beautiful sight,
    On Abercom Street by the Derenne light,
    Upon meeting in the dinning area, friends meet and chatter,
    The healthy food is comming on a silver platter,
    Heaven sent our caregivers to clean up the matter.

    God Bless Buckingham South

    A Poem For the Slatus Family
  • home care Savannah GA

    I want to say how impressed I was with Buckingham South & especially Ms RITA who is an Angel. She really has a wonderful gift to care for the residents. My mom was only there for a short while but the experience we had was made memorable because of Ms RITA. I can say that Ms RITA works long hours night & day. She was always there smiling & she always knew everyones name & what was going on. It’s a very well run family business with long caring hours. You can tell they really care about all the residents.

    My mom passed away peacefully, holding my hand at Buckingham on my birthday 9/12/21. Mom was put on Hospice after leaving hospital & I never left her side and Ms RITA was so very understanding to allow me to be there constantly with my mom. It meant so much to have those days & moments just holding my mom’s hand, talking about things, listening to music, praying together. Saying I LOVE YOU more times than I can count. My momma was a fighter, but she grew tired at age 77 with CHF. & being in n out of
    12 hospitals in just one year. But then With COVID 19 restrictions & Lockdowns I was so afraid mom would pass away ALONE. Like so many loved ones did in hospitals😭 since COVID. The last time in hospital hospice was called in. That was something I don’t think I was prepared for…. Anyways, I witnessed my mom see her Angel waiting to take her to the other side….. my moms mom (who passed 14 yrs ago) it was peaceful when the Lord took mom home and my faith is reassured that one day I will see mom & my granny again!🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

    I want to THANK YOU MS RITA for your compassion, kindness, warm heart & beautiful words you shared with me the night ( my birthday) my momma passed. I will cherish those words & the moments as long as I live. 

    Kaye Bufalini
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    Hello Ruchie,

    Thank you and the staff of Buckingham South such a wonderful place for our mom. The people that we encounter at different times of the day are always respectful, generous and sincere.

    Their care on the third floor is very much appreciated. In fact, everywhere we go we see how people treat our mom with respect, personal care, and humor. I, too, am always greeted with smiles and a welcome back whenever to come to visit. Buckingham always feels like home to me.

    We wish you, Chani, Sara Bryna, Tzvi, and the many staff members who consistently do a great job.

    From the families of Sara Shawel,

    • Linda and Harvey,
    • Tzippi and Menachem,
    • Joe and Bebe,
    Sara Shawel
  • home care Savannah GA

    My mom is celebrating almost 10 years at Buckingham South. Thank you and the staff for making Buckingham South such a wonderful place for our Mom.

    The people that we encounter at different times of the day or night are always respectful, generous, and sincere. Their care on the 3rd Floor is very much appreciated.

    In fact, everywhere we go we see how people treat our mom with respect, personal care, and humor. I, too, am always greeted with smiles and a welcome back whenever we come to visit. Buckingham always feels like home to me.

    Leenda Ourback
  • home care Savannah GA

    Our family is grateful to Rita and all employees at Buckingham South for their help is getting my mother-in-law settled into her new apt. In 2 weeks time she is no longer crying every day or complaining about being alone.

    She loves dining with new people each night and told us the chef is great. All the employees have gone above and beyond my expectations for what I had expected of an assisted living community.

    Rita has a gift for dealing w the elderly and we are extremely happy to be a part of the family at Buckingham South:)

    Jamee Brennan
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    Thanks to the attentive med techs, Dawn and Lenora, my mom is so well taken care of. They noticed a change in her blood pressure which was easily handled by the download they were able to provide me for our physician. Everyone is looking after mom which is very comforting to me.

    Sharon Sand
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    My mom is now a resident of Buckingham South, after living in her home for nearly 70 years. Since her arrival at Buckingham South, her quality of life has improved immensely. I can’t say enough about the quality of the care that Rita and the wonderful staff provide to all of the residents. Visiting my mom is also like going home to visit family which is how the great people of Buckingham South make you feel. With all sincerity and love for those that care for our mom, Lee Green, we thank you all so much.

    James Green & Don Donahoe ❤️🌹
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    Our loved one has been a resident at Buckingham South for two months. The transition was made right before the COVID-19 pandemic, so the closure of the facility to outsiders has been difficult for all. The staff, led by Rita, has remained professional and caring during these difficult times. Rita's leadership during this COVID-19 crisis has exuded confidence and excellence to all those working at Buckingham, to all the residents at Buckingham, and of course, to all the families who depend on Buckingham to take care of their loved ones. Buckingham South is the family you need in good times, but has shown steadfast consistency of care in trying times. Thanks to all those in leadership, nursing and staff. Our family is forever grateful.

    C. Smith
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    My closest relatives, who are both age 94, have been living at Buckingham Square for over a year now. I could not be happier with the level of care and love they are receiving. Their health care is complicated and challenging and the staff at Buckingham go to great lengths to make sure their needs are met. They also encourage them to get involved in the extracurricular activities. I live 500 miles away and can only visit every few months but I am in constant communication with their caregivers so I feel very close and well informed. Buckingham Square gets my highest recommendation and without any reservations.

    Mary Voytek
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    My Mother, Ann Miltiades moved to Buckingham South in April, 2015. Rita Slatus, her family and staff helped make this a smooth transition, and Mom loves her home. They have seen her through a hospitalization and recovery from a broken hip, and most recently a heart attack. On April 2, Mom went to Rita not feeling well, and after a while, Rita called for the EMTs. Mom's vitals were fine, and the emergency responders didn't think she needed to go to the hospital. Of course, Mom didn't want to go either! Rita insisted and it turns out Mom was having a heart attack! We are grateful to Rita for taking such good care of Mom and thankful that she is now back at Buckingham in a safe and loving environment.

    Evelyn Forman
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    Rita and her staff are amazing! The attention and care my dad has received has been wonderful!

    Lisa Markowitz
  • home care Savannah GA

    I am a registered Nurse and have never seen such outstanding, personal, loving care! Truly the finest care in Savannah!

  • home care Savannah GA

    I'm so thankful to Rita and her crew for taking such good care of my dad and stepmother. We had them in another facility and my father almost died from neglect. Buckingham South is the best! Thanks Rita!

    Java Jo
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    Rita, Your letter to the editor this morning is such a lovely tribute to Dr. Hubby. I wish I’d had the privilege to know him. Learning is what keeps life vibrant. He was evidence of that. Thank you for your love of your residents. I believe that yours and your family’s commitment to the residents of Buckingham South makes it such a very special place. It is so nice to see how happy Dick’s mom each time we visit. Have a wonderful day.


    Susan Wallace
  • home care Savannah GA

    My MOM has been a resident for many years. The facility is clean and smells great, unlike other facilities. The staff is friendly and efficient. Buckingham South is the only facility that I would put my loved one for the best care possible!

    Abby Slotin
  • home care Savannah GA

    My mother came to Buckingham after severe neglect from 2 other facilities. Her legs and hands were swollen and she was overmedicated with drugs. Immediately due to the fabulous low salt, and high quality food, mom’s swelling went away. Mom was engaged in activities and ate in the dining room. Mom became more alert and more of her personality came out. Buckingham feels like a family. Mom unfortunately broke her leg, due to complications from a previous facility. Buckingham went over and above to make phone calls and help us find a great rehab option. We are returning back home to Buckingham and can't wait for mom to get back. Rita is a wonderful administrator with a heart of hold for her patients. She has high expectations for her staff. We love it there. It is a perfect fit for us.

    Arlette Bacon
  • home care Savannah GA

    This facility is top-notch in every way! Rita, Sabrina, and all the staff there genuinely care about the welfare of each resident. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, and I visit several residents there to give them massages frequently. It is always evident that this place is a caring place. It is clean and the residents are well-fed; activities are ongoing, stimulating and fun. I've been a Massage Therapist for ten years, and I've worked in many such facilities in several states. This is the best of the best! This is a private family-owned and family-run facility full of people who are sincere and passionate about the people entrusted to their care. Anyone who needs a safe place for their loved one, should seriously consider this facility. Again: Buckingham South is the best of the best!

    Miriam Oliver
  • home care Savannah GA

    I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am to Rita and the entire team for the excellent care my mother is receiving. This place is an answer to our prayers.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Rita, the owner of Buckingham South is a Hands-On person checks on the residence daily very good staff.

    Lenora Nevels (employee, retired)
  • home care Savannah GA

    Mom loves Buckingham. It feels like home to her. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. We know she is in the best place in Savannah!

  • home care Savannah GA

    Buckingham South is an excellent facility. There are lots of activities, caring staff and the facility is lovely.

  • home care Savannah GA

    The owners and wonderful staff do all possible to care for and give attention to our precious dad. Highly recommend Buckingham South.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Buckingham South have done an amazing job taking care of my parents during the Hurricane Dorian evacuations.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Rita and the whole staff at Buckingham South are caring, patient, and loving people. Through their desire and passion to care for the elderly, they have created a welcoming, heart-touching, home environment where all can safely thrive, enjoy the stimulation of friendships, activities, personal care and respect. Everyone is treated like family, because they become family the moment they move there - whether a resident, family member, or occasional visitor - the minute you pass through the front doors, you know you are someplace special. I am very grateful for this facility and for every single employee who makes my mom, who has dementia, feel so comfortable, cared for, valued, and at home.

    Catherine Renner
  • home care Savannah GA

    My grandfather has been living at Buckingham for over 15 years and absolutely loves it. They meet his every need. They have the most loving and caring staff.

    Shayna Rabhan
  • home care Savannah GA

    Great care and treatment of my grandmother. Great food and fun!

    Joey Rosen
  • home care Savannah GA

    Rita and the staff of Buckingham South,

    There is no way to properly show enough gratitude for the wealth of kindness, patience, understanding and professionalism you and your staff have shown our family and for our father. You have gone above and beyond to make him comfortable, have helped us immeasurably with the complexities of his medical care and given him a safe and beautiful heaven to call home. When we witnessed what you have built and experienced the incredible service you are doing for so many people, we counted our lucky stars to have found you.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    I hardly know where to start thanking you and your staff for the tremendous kindness that you extended to my mother, Rachel, and to me and my family. I realize that mom was never easy, but you and your staff never (even once) lost patience with her.

    We will never forget your love and kindness.

    De. Juan and I have made a donation to Yad Sarah in honor of all of you. Do as much good work as you can for as long as you can, and God Bless you all.

    With love and gratitude.

    Jos Lvilkes
  • home care Savannah GA

    To Rita and everyone on the Buckingham South staff;

    All of us want to thank all of you for the wonderful care you provided to Mother. Although we thought we were, we were not prepared to help Mother during this stage of her life. You relieved us of much of the burden. We and Mother are very fortunate to have learned about Buckingham South.

    W.B., J.B., S.K., N.B., R.B.
  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    Just a note to say hello and to thank you, your staff, and all the residents for being just wonderful to me and to my wife. All of you are doing a great service and you all are very much appreciated.

    Always the best to all of you!

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Friends at Buckingham South,

    It’s hard to thank people like all of you – you were so kind and thoughtful to my brother. I know he appreciated your friendship very much and so do I.

    Much love,

  • home care Savannah GA


    Thank you for your kind words and more for the loving care you and your staff showed Mom at Buckingham. She loved all of you and knew she had a second family around her. Indeed, she had a wonderful home in Savannah!


    Karen & Tom
  • home care Savannah GA

    Rita dear,

    Just a note to thank you so much for your care and concern for all of the S family. You are, indeed, an angel who has put us back together physically and also emotionally. Dr. G is wonderful and thanks for bringing him into our lives.

    Thanks again and lots of love.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    I want to thank you again for the excellent care that you and your staff provided to my father. I cannot imagine a more thoughtful and professional organization than the one you have at Buckingham South. I am so happy that my father was able to enjoy the last few months of his life in your care. May G-d go with you always.


  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    Your kindness and friendship that you provided to my mother and myself over the last year will never be forgotten. Mother felt very safe and well cared for which was our main objective. However, we felt that you and your staff provided much more than good care.

    From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for all of your attention and concern that you gave mother. I always knew that you enjoyed Mother and wanted only the best for her. She was a very special lady and I miss her terribly, but I know that she was ready to leave us. Like most things in her life, she did it her way and tried as best she could not to be a burden. She was so brave and patient, always kind and thoughtful. I would like to think that I could follow in her footsteps.

    I feel blessed to have had you as a part of Mother’s last year of life. I know that she felt the same. I want to come by and have a visit with you and all of your wonderful staff. I hope that I can do this soon, but I am not ready yet. In the meantime, know that I think of you often and appreciate everything you have done for Mother and myself.


  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita

    Please accept my deepest appreciation to you and your numerous staff members for the service and caring assistance you gave to my Mother. She had lived alone for a very long time, and it was not an easy change for her. But you and your staff went out of your way and gave special efforts in helping her to feel welcome and comforted. It is truly a blessing to have Buckingham South in our community.

    My mind and heart travel each day with all of you and the wonderful residents.

    Bruce and I do thank you and send many good wishes for your continued gentle and loving service to our seniors.

    Love and blessings.

  • home care Savannah GA

    I am so grateful for the kind, compassionate, and professional treatment I received during my recent visit at your fine facility.

    Your staff, the food, the friendly services must be the best in your industry, and most assuredly reflect your top notch leadership and ability to attract first rate associates.

    May G-d’s blessings surround you every day.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    You have a very warm and congenial personnel and the atmosphere is compassionate and considerate. This was the best thing that could have happened to my sister, moving from the other place, as she was slowly dwindling away. Here, she is around lots of people and activity.


  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita, Julie, Frank & Staff,

    My heartfelt thanks for all the compassion and caring you provided to my dad and to our family over the last several months. You truly made a painful situation not only bearable, but pleasant through your kindness and understanding. Your attentiveness and responsiveness to both little details as well as larger medical issues were with professionalism with southern hospitality. Buckingham South was the perfect place for my dad if he could no longer live at home.

    My thanks to all your staff; particularly to Frank for his kindness and actions, to John for always being there to transport Dad wherever he needed to go, and to Vicki for her help with everything from getting a motorized chair to keeping all the medicine orders squared away.

    Rita, thank you, for your compassion and patience you show to everyone. We are very grateful.

    Debbie, Jeanette, Richard & families
  • home care Savannah GA


    I want to thank you for your patience, support and concern during the hard time for our family. We are fortunate to have found a warm, welcoming home for Mother.

  • home care Savannah GA

    My dear Rita,

    It was both a pleasant and inspiring experience to enjoy your many attentions and to watch your amazing work and management ethic in action.

    Your positive attitude was contagious and helped me greatly.

    Savannah is fortunate to have the Slatus family based in our city.


  • home care Savannah GA

    Thank you Rita for all the kindness you showed Naomi during her stay at Buckingham. She was so happy there.

    The greatest thing of all you did for her was taking “Oreo.”

    Naomi died with peace.

    Thank you.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    I wanted to write and thank you, Julie, Wanda and all the staff at Buckingham South for everything you did for my Dad.

    You all were so good to him there and I know he was happy in his short time there. It made all of us feel better knowing he was in a caring environment I wish he had a chance to come back and really settle in but that is not always meant to be.

    From the time you took him in that Sunday morning in April, when he needed a place right through his hospital stay, you were there. I can’t tell you how much that meant to Elizabeth, Harriet, and I. Again, thank you for everything.


  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Mrs. Slatus,

    I’m one of Ida’s granddaughters, and I want to thank you soooo much for being such a special friend to my Grandmother and to all who make Buckingham their home. My Grandma has been telling me about your kindness since that first time you called her in Atlanta. I can feel her lighting up when she talks about you. And she looks so forward to your Saturday study class.

    When I visited everyone with Buckingham was so friendly. I was excited with all of the activities and how someone informs Grandma each time to attend them. Allison Beasley is amazing! I joined in with her aerobics class and she should make a video – I know it would be very popular.

    Also, I want to thank you for offering to help me many years ago. I’m sure you wouldn’t remember this, but I do. You felt that I needed someone to talk to and you let me know that you were there for me. Well you were right and I didn’t have the courage to admit it, but it meant so MUCH to me that you cared…thus you also helped in this way.

    Anyway, I just want to thank you for all that you do. It truly shows that you love what you do. You are a much needed inspiration!

  • home care Savannah GA

    To the Staff of Buckingham South,

    On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful care you gave my mother during her stay with you. Everyone was so very helpful and caring, whether for “official” duties or for the “extras” that were so appreciated. Knowing Mother as I did, the personal care she was given made her feel special, and not so afraid of being away from her home. I have no doubt that the care and concern exhibited by all of you made her last months more bearable.

    With my sincere appreciation and gratitude,

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita & Staff,

    On behalf of the S family, I would like to thank all of you for taking such great care of Dorothy She thinks the world of all of you. Your kindness and consideration are much appreciated during this crucial time in Mother’s life.

    Happy New Year!


  • home care Savannah GA

    Thank you all for the many acts of kindness shown to our mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, Dora. She was very fond of you all and we have many good memories of her time at Buckingham South.


  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    I have meant to do this since the first day we spoke. I was both impressed and very moved by your caring and knowledge of the residents. They were not “room so-and-so,” they had histories and families (or not), and individual situations, you were intimately aware of each. That is so very rare in our “modern” world. It is good to see human beings who care for and about others, especially in dealing with elders.

    Indians have two terms for those who care: “Strong hearts” are those who make it their responsibility to look out for those in difficulty, and the other is the term “Cante Ista” (pronounced like Shanta ieshta) meaning to see with the single eye of the heart. We honor those who show these traits. Please know that the good you do for the good old ones is honored and truly admired.

    Sincerely, She speaks for peace.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Ann,

    The last few times I was in to visit Mrs. Wolf you were in the room caring for her. Your ready smile and gentle handling of this fragile old woman impressed me. It is good to know respected elders are being cared for with joyful hearts and compassionate hands.

    It must be very hard to sit in a room day after day with only total strangers for occasional companions. Human touch must be a wonderful, precious thing to these lonely individuals. How comforting that their families can trust you to do the 1,001 things you do for them every day to ease their days. I’m sure you hold a special place in their hearts, and much gratitude is owed you. I just wanted you to know someone did know and notice and is grateful for all you do.

    Sincerely, She speaks for peace.

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Julie and Staff,

    I wanted to write and express my deepest thanks to all of you who have their warmth, tenderness and unselfish devotion while caring for my mom while she lived at Buckingham.

    I always felt she was in the loving hands of people who had a genuine concern for her and with my being so far away, that meant so much to me as her daughter.

    Thank you for being the surrogate family and giving her final days meaning by the dignity and devotion you gave.

    G-d should bless you with good health and strength to carry on the work you do.


  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    Thank you for the time and personal attention you gave me and my Mother at Buckingham South on Sunday. The beautiful surroundings, program, and your personal knowledge of and interest in the residents make me think that mom will be happy ad safe at Buckingham South!


  • home care Savannah GA

    Dearest Rita,

    It is so hard to write notes like these – how does one thank someone properly who has gone above and beyond the necessary limits and did so without hesitation and unselfish means?

    You have been wonderful to mommy in all the ways you’ve cared for her. No place can substitute for your own home, but Buckingham was a wonderful substitute for what we couldn’t give her ourselves.

    I certainly don’t need to take space here to rave about the elegant and homelike atmosphere Buckingham provided. Mommy was treated with dignity and respect and when her needs exceeded the normal limits, you met them with love and a sincere desire to give her a quality of life one can only hope they have in their last days.

    Thank you for all you’ve given to my mother and my family and may G-d bless you with strength to continue the blessed work you do.

    With sincere gratitude and love,

  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita and Staff,

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful care and support you've given us. Its been a truly great experience. I've never met such a loving bunch of ladies in my life.

    Buckingham South is the greatest place on Earth.

    Some think the greatest place on Earth is Disney World but they haven't been to Buckingham. If I could ever be of any assistance, just give me a call.

    Thanks again.

    Amy & Nani
  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita, Julie, and all the Buckingham South Staff,

    As I go through the year telling everyone how wonderful the people at Buckingham are, I realize that you aren’t there to hear me give all these compliments. And it occurs to me that this time of year is a good time for me to share these comments with you.

    My father has simply blossomed at Buckingham. You all started out by making him a place “at the lively dinner table” so that he could make friends and have entertaining dinner companions. You encourage my dad to attend Exercise Class and compliment him on answering the History and Geography trivia questions correctly. You call and remind him about class if he’s late. Everyone makes sure he knows about all the offerings you have, and, stunningly, he attends many! And I am blessedly confident that you are checking to see that he eats his meals, that his room is clean, his clothes and sheets/towels are washed and dried and that his a/c filters are changed…and so on and so on. It would be impossible to enumerate all that you do and all of your work shows in his enjoyment of life. He is not only reading books and newspapers again, he even has people to discuss them with. He is relaxed and comfortable for the first time in years.

    My mother has the safe environment that I wanted for her. The first time we called for assistance and two of your caregivers arrived, I almost cried with relief. Your staff, who know her so well and treat her with such kindness, were there to be the familiar face that let her relax and accept help when she needed it. For all this, I thank you for the life you have returned to me and the comfort you offer my mother. To know that my mother will attend any activities such as sing-along or ice cream socials is astonishing. There were four years when her only activity was to get her hair done once a week. She refused all other attempts, and yet you have succeeded where we failed.

    I extend my thanks, my love, and my gratitude to you all you have not only improved the lives of my parents, but also my life. I wish for all of you to have the happiest and healthiest of new years.

    With love,

    B. W.
  • home care Savannah GA

    Dear Rita,

    I want you to know that my mother, E.F., will be leaving Buckingham South and returning to her home.

    I am so grateful to your staff, especially the caregivers, who have assisted her so compassionately in her everyday routines. She has become stronger and better able to help herself than was the case when in mid-May she came to Buckingham from Memorial Rehabilitation Center. As I have been here with Mom almost every day that she has been here, sometimes into the evening, I have observed first had the care of thoughtful people around her.

    I especially thank you and Cathy for your sensitive oversight.

  • home care Savannah GA


    In my 25 years of podiatry I have seen many, many homes for the elderly. I have however never seen a “facility” like this. I used quotation marks because you have built a palace for our senior citizens. I am very proud of you and congratulate this achievement.


    Dr. Fred Spector