Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Senior Living Facilities!

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Assisted or senior living facilities allow the elderly to enjoy several activities in elegant surroundings while providing excellent care and round-the-clock assistance. Today, these modern spaces have been designed keeping independence, luxury and community spirit in mind.  

Despite the several benefits, there are still common myths and misunderstandings associated with senior care. Let's clarify some of these notions.

To help you find the best choice and ensure your loved ones receive the highest level of quality care, Buckingham South has debunked three of the most commonly believed myths about assisted living homes.

Myth 1: All assisted living homes provide the same care and licensure.

This is far from the truth. Most assisted living homes will discharge a resident once they can no longer ambulate or transfer. However, at Buckingham South, we have the highest state licensure which allows our residents to age in place. Families have peace of mind knowing that no matter what comes down the road, their loved ones will be provided with personalized continuous care in a familiar environment that they have grown accustomed to. We deliver round-the-clock medical care with the highest ratio of caregivers.

Myth 2: Large Corporate Chains are Better.

Most healthcare communities operate multiple facilities and the home office is often in a remote location.  It is hard to keep your finger on the pulse of caregiving when owners and operators are not on site. Buckingham South prides itself on being locally owned and operated. Our owners, as well as our managers, are on site and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives the residents the loving personalized touch that they deserve.

Myth 3: Judging a 'Book' By Its cover.

When searching for senior housing, judging a book by the cover is an incorrect approach.  Search for a senior home care. Ask questions. Find families who have previously had their loved ones staying at the assisted living. Ask about staffing ratio. Ask if there is a registered nurse on staff. Is there someone available twenty-four hours a day to administer medication? Is there an administrator or manager on site and will they be accessible to address your concerns? At Buckingham South, we are proud of having all of the above.

If you’re looking for a licensed and full-service assisted living community in Savannah, GA, reach out to Buckingham South. We provide your loved ones with affordable quality service, round-the-clock attention, customized care and allow seniors to age in grace, warmth, and dignity. Our exciting programs encourage residents to maintain their independence and freedom while staying both mentally, physically and socially active.

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