How To Choose A Senior Care Facility

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If your aging parents, grandparents, neighbors, or friends are having trouble living alone on account of declining cognitive abilities, you’ll need to assist them with their daily activities. That way, you can prevent their condition from worsening on account of accidents and falls at home. However, managing their needs, along with those of your family and a full-time job, can become challenging and stressful.

Fortunately, you don’t have to care for your loved ones all by yourself. With the availability of different assisted living and home care facilities throughout the state, you can entrust the care of your dear ones to a skilled expert. They are trained to help elderly people with their daily needs and take care of their medical requirements. They also arrange for extracurricular activities for your loved ones to stay active and happy. But, despite the array of assisted living facilities available, choosing one can be an overwhelming decision. After all, you want what’s best for your loved one.

To help you make the right choice, the experts at Buckingham South have listed a few scenarios when looking for assisted living services, and how to overcome them.

1. The hospital or doctor says the patient is ready for discharge but cannot go home. The patient’s gait is not steady, their cognitive ability has declined, or perhaps they are in too weakened a state to function independently at home. Who do I turn to? How can I get the facts?
If you are faced with any of the above situations, you first need to know what your options are. While there are a plethora of options, knowing a little more about them will have you make the right decisions. There are assisted livings, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers available all over the state, but not all of these facilities (despite their title), can provide the same services. For instance, Buckingham South is an assisted living, home care facility with a higher license than most assisted living specialists. This means that we can provide virtually all the services of a skilled nursing facility for a fraction of the cost.

2. There are so many different options of care out there, where do I begin?
Try looking for a facility that is locally owned and operated. At the same time, verify if it has that personal touch and offers continuity of care, which is important for the wellbeing of your loved ones.

3. How do I transition a loved one into a senior care facility?
You can start at the top by speaking with the director, the administrator, and the head of the nursing home. Come up with a general plan of care that will help transition your loved one as smoothly as possible. The activities director can play a big part in this as well, so make sure you have the attention of the right people to ensure your needs are heard.

4. Leaving the familiarity of one’s own homes is often difficult. How can the transition be made easier?
Be sure the apartment you set up for your loved one feels like home. Hang familiar pictures, bring their favorite comforter, and make the surroundings and furnishings feel like the comforts of their home. At the same time, make sure you visit them regularly, to offer them the comfort and support they need.

For assistance with your home care needs, reach out to the experts at Buckingham South. We are a senior assisted living, home care in Savannah, GA, and we are proud of the services we offer to the elderly in our community. We provide elegant and affordable senior assisted living, so your dear ones can feel comfortable and cared for. To create a pleasant social environment for our residents, we have qualified activities staff that organize a vast array of social, cultural, and recreational events and activities. These include weekly sing-alongs, daily aerobics, guest speakers, guest entertainers, line-dancing, ballroom dancing, trips to the nationally renowned symphony, playhouses, museums, parks, beaches, and so much more!

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