How Buckingham South Helps Seniors Battle Depression And Memory Care Issues

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As time goes by, age catches up, and an individual’s body undergoes changes that pose a challenge to the mental and emotional state of mind. If uncared for, these challenges compound and lead to severe depression among seniors, which is often irreversible.

Unfortunately, all too often, there is a delay in treatment, or the signs aren’t read correctly, which have a significant impact on the individual’s later years of life.

At Buckingham South, we believe that depression and memory care issues are complicated cases that should be resolved with utmost care and concern, so keep reading to learn about how we help clients battling depression and memory care issues.

The Challenge: Managing memory care issues.  
The process of aging is inevitable, but along with advancing years come memory loss, dementia, depression, and other mental health conditions. In recent years, assisted living homes or memory care communities are struck with the challenge of updating their services or collaborating with new programs to meet the medical requirements of their members who have memory issues or are going through depression.

This is primarily because many illnesses do not have a permanent cure, so the conditions of seniors are likely to worsen or deteriorate further until a cure is found. Unfortunately, many seniors do not have that kind of time or the luxury to wait for advancements in medicine, so we need to find stopgap measures until then.

The Solution: Partnering with programs.
For those suffering from depression, bringing about change and improving their condition isn’t something that can be done easily. Similarly, for memory care issues, the industry is faced with deteriorating conditions. What makes it worse is that our society treats anyone who has a mental disorder, a medical problem, or ‘can not make money’ as a burden to society. We do not believe this is true.

To ensure a change in mindset in our small way, we strive to provide our residents with not just quality treatment but overall care and concern, as well as activities for their betterment.

One of the many ways through which we have secured this betterment is by working with some local children groups through a Better Together program and Do Re We program.

Through these concerted efforts, we have witnessed an impressive turnaround in our clients and are incredibly proud of the progress our clients have made without the need for medication.

The Bottom Line
As a locally owned and operated, senior assisted living, home care in Savannah, GA, we are always trying new things, which is one of the best things about Buckingham South - we are never stagnant! We use our over four decades of experience to customize each client’s care to their specific needs, backgrounds, and diagnosis.

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