How Rita Slatus Revolutionized The Senior Care Industry

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As experts in senior assisted living and senior home care in Savannah, GA, we at Buckingham South, derive immense pride from the work that we do. Our services ensure our clients’ happiness and support while they seize each opportunity. We work hard to cater to the needs of our clients on a regular basis so they aren’t missing out on their joys.

While caring is our passion, we believe that our lives would be dull without the impact that Rita Slatus has had on the senior care industry.

Rita is the Executive Director at Buckingham South Assisted Living, and we believe that she has revolutionized senior care across the industry. What she does is exemplary, innovative and revolutionary! This makes her a true icon and a professional for all of us to look up to.

As a senior care expert, Rita provides the highest level of medical care along with a highly personalized approach that makes the client, their family, and doctor feel comfortable and confident in their care. She ensures that every client receives the care they deserve to live the rest of their lives to the fullest.

Rita is equally amazing at handling risks with highest quality architecture and construction to make the safest environment possible for Buckingham residents. Buckingham South is made of steel and concrete, and can withstand a level IV hurricane with specialized hurricane-proof windows, pilings hundreds of feet into the ground, state-of-the-art back-up generator, two-hour fire walls, state of the art fire protection with hurricane reinforced roof.

Another quality that makes Rita so inspirational is her work ethic which revolves around the concept of doing things right or not doing them at all. To provide the highest level of care, safety measures, and excellent services, we need to be dedicated. Rita is committed to make every effort until she meets her high standards. Every new employee at Buckingham South is tested based on these standards to ensure they can match our level of care.

Rita is the human expression of the aforementioned philosophy. She is dedicated and devoted to the well-being of her residents. There are no boundaries in her devotion to the quality of care that she provides. This is why we adhere to the standards that she sets in addition to those required by the state of Georgia.

Rita teaches every employee here at Buckingham to listen to each resident and do our utmost to assist them in every way possible. Sometimes, it is the little things that make the biggest impact. Rearranging furniture, changing a light bulb, turning up the volume on the television, all of these little tasks improve our clients’ quality of life. Without Rita, many of these lessons would be lost, and the quality of life of each person who lives at Buckingham South would be amiss.

If you’d like to learn more about Buckingham South and our services as a senior assisted living, senior home care in Savannah, GA, reach out to us today! We have over forty-five years of experience and we assure our clients top-quality care at affordable rates. We are available every hour of every day to assist with all of our residents’ needs. Our commitment to our residents allows them to relax and enjoy themselves in our elegant surroundings.

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