The Truth About Depression in Seniors!

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Depression is a serious mood disorder. It can affect the way you feel, act, and think. It is an emotional condition that can physically affect a person’s health and well-being. Depression is a common problem among older adults, but clinical depression is not a normal part of aging.

As experts in the field, we at Buckingham South have written down information regarding the truth about depression in seniors. By knowing and understanding the signs, we believe that you can be better equipped to deal with it and treat it when and if it comes up. 

Depression is a condition that has only gotten worse in the last couple of years. It affects seniors in large numbers. Due to decreased mobility, whether driving or walking and other declining faculties, seniors can often feel sad. Depression is especially common in people with other medical problems. Older adults may have more medical issues, which can increase their risk of depression.

The symptoms of depression vary from person to person, and the signs are not as obvious as you might think. It can manifest itself in subtle ways such as loss of appetite, change in sleep schedule, lost interest in things they used to like, and becoming withdrawn. There are varying treatments for depression. Most often, people are treated with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. If you are concerned about a loved one, offer to go with them to see a health care provider to be diagnosed and treated.

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