What is the penalty if Mom has to move to a Nursing Home?

Buckingham South |

There is no penalty and no notice required if the Mom needs a higher medical environment. There are also only two reasons one would need to move out of Buckingham South (because of the higher license, we can accommodate very high levels of care) and they are: if one poses a danger to themselves, they try to hurt themselves on purpose; or they try to hurt others on purpose. We work extensively with doctors, residents and families to provide care according to each resident’s constantly changing needs.

Regarding food, nutrition & hydration, our dietary department as well as caregivers and nursing staff will keep a close on her intake. Alzheimer’s disease makes nutrition somewhat difficult as they often lose their ability to taste as well as losing their appetite. Some doctors will often prescribe Megace which is a medication that increases appetite. A hospice may not encourage this medication because they feel that loss of appetite & losing weight is a natural progression of the body ‘shutting down’.

Apartments are thoroughly sanitized and carpets shampooed before move in. Already done!