Buckingham South |

Dear Rita,

I have meant to do this since the first day we spoke. I was both impressed and very moved by your caring and knowledge of the residents. They were not “room so-and-so,” they had histories and families (or not), and individual situations, you were intimately aware of each. That is so very rare in our “modern” world. It is good to see human beings who care for and about others, especially in dealing with elders.

Indians have two terms for those who care: “Strong hearts” are those who make it their responsibility to look out for those in difficulty, and the other is the term “Cante Ista” (pronounced like Shanta ieshta) meaning to see with the single eye of the heart. We honor those who show these traits. Please know that the good you do for the good old ones is honored and truly admired.

Sincerely, She speaks for peace.