Kaye Bufalini

Buckingham South |

I want to say how impressed I was with Buckingham South & especially Ms RITA who is an Angel. She really has a wonderful gift to care for the residents. My mom was only there for a short while but the experience we had was made memorable because of Ms RITA. I can say that Ms RITA works long hours night & day. She was always there smiling & she always knew everyones name & what was going on. It’s a very well run family business with long caring hours. You can tell they really care about all the residents.

My mom passed away peacefully, holding my hand at Buckingham on my birthday 9/12/21. Mom was put on Hospice after leaving hospital & I never left her side and Ms RITA was so very understanding to allow me to be there constantly with my mom. It meant so much to have those days & moments just holding my mom’s hand, talking about things, listening to music, praying together. Saying I LOVE YOU more times than I can count. My momma was a fighter, but she grew tired at age 77 with CHF. & being in n out of
12 hospitals in just one year. But then With COVID 19 restrictions & Lockdowns I was so afraid mom would pass away ALONE. Like so many loved ones did in hospitals😭 since COVID. The last time in hospital hospice was called in. That was something I don’t think I was prepared for…. Anyways, I witnessed my mom see her Angel waiting to take her to the other side….. my moms mom (who passed 14 yrs ago) it was peaceful when the Lord took mom home and my faith is reassured that one day I will see mom & my granny again!🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

I want to THANK YOU MS RITA for your compassion, kindness, warm heart & beautiful words you shared with me the night ( my birthday) my momma passed. I will cherish those words & the moments as long as I live.